Finding a photoshoot location plays an important role in getting that perfect shot. As a native Tampa photographer one of my favorites nearby location is Cypress Beach Park off of Veterans expressway. It is best to shoot during weekdays afternoons, but if you decide to shoot on the weekend it’s still doable. You get the best of both worlds. You get the beach views, and the leafy greens you’d normally find at the park. Major bonus: the sunset is to die for!

The benefit of being such a small "secluded" beach is that most of the nature remains untouched and undamaged. This beach offers the beauty of mangroves without having to walk far, and that offers a variety of options as opposed to just sand and water shots. It offers the natural golden sunset colors during the late afternoon, perfect for a picnic by the beach.

During most of my sessions I love to use the beautiful tall grass that grows there. And if that didn't convince you, then try a portrait session with me next time and lets create magic!